Monday, February 2, 2009

A weekend full of family fun!

Dad surprised the kids with breakfast at Denny's. Yummo, we hadn't eaten out ina long time. It was great to be waited on. After breakfast we visited our friend and Bible study teacher Debbie. she taught the Freedom Workshop to the teens at homeschool co-op. Mikael just loves her. It hs been wonderful to have my son and brother in Christ walk with me in with the knowledge of the key points from the study. Debbie hosts an annual Arts and Craft Christmas open house every year. There were many artists there exhibiting their jewelry, sculptors, paintings and more. Debbie's scripture cards done in calligraphy and photography postcards are beautiful. She even had a sketch done by her father for sale. Check out the pictures.

After visiting with Debbie we headed to Pinellas Pioneer Settlement for their Annual Christmas Jamboree. We ran into our very dear friends and old lifegroup leaders the Hendrick's. They were instrumental in our family's life as we settled in St. Pete and offered us love, support, and encouragement without reservation. I just love them! There son is quite talented with the facial muscles and their daughter is hanging upside right above Seth in the background.

It was a blast from the past! We visited one of the oldest homes in Pinellas County. They were making pumkin pancakes, bacon and hot chocolate the old fashioned way in an old fashioned kitchen. The icebox is just that, a box that has a big block of ice in it. And the stove cooked with coals. They actually made the pancakes in the oven. The volunteers were very informative and truly enjoying teaching the kids. The kids were able to learn about the evolution of the printshop and had the opporunity to print their names using and old fashioned "doo hicky" printer.

I had a devine appointment with a mother who's booth I was perusing for jewelry. Her son was killed in and auto accident the previous year and he worked for All Children's Hospital. His fellow co-workers donated crafts to raise money for a the new facility being built in his honor. The mother's pain was obvious as she spoke of her son and gratitude for those who donated for their cause. I asked if I could pray with her and she agreed. The poor woman sobbed as I wept and turned out to be a christian and was raising a grandson that was very active. We were able to invite them to Alf's karate classes and scouts at our church. She was so happy to find a place to take him and I could tell that she felt better. Thank you Jesus for giving her grace to move on. They are Puerto Rican so that was cool too that we were able to talk to the both her and her husband in spanglish. As we walked away I held my kids hands a little tighter and kissed their heads.

After the Christmas Jamboree we went to a park to collect pinecones for crafts and decorations and for a little playtime.

We didn't find many nice pinecones but the kids had a blast and Alf and I were able to sit and enjoy watching them have fun.

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